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Let’s Play Some Racquetball for Christmas

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This is an insightful post from a friend! Many things to unpack here, no matter what country you live in.

Chopstix for Seven

In the English-speaking and European world, Christmas is fraught with meaning, tradition, and expectation and it starts early.

It was great seeing pictures of Christmas trees, wandering mischievous Elves, Christmas lights and children’s performances on social media.

Whenever I was online, it was easy to imagine that everyone everywhere in the whole entire world was celebrating Christmas in various ways.

Which is true, in some ways.

Then I realized that at least 1 billion people around me don’t celebrate at all and have no clue what all the fuss is about.

Sure, the mega-malls here have Christmas trees and English Christmas music playing, and Starbux sells holiday-themed drinks.

Of course the stores all have Christmas shopping deals and the new consumer-friendly China is capitalizing on the earning potential.

But, when I talked to any of my friends, acquaintances and strangers about what Christmas actually involves or what it means, they…

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One thought on “Let’s Play Some Racquetball for Christmas

  1. Hi Katherine. This is Bill. You know, the polite Canadian from Maxim and Katy’s party on Sunday. Stephan sent me your blog. Are you up for coffee or something with me? It was nice to have a conversation without fighting for Thai or French words! I left my email and a blog. cheers!

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