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Stateside Trip 2012 Recap

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I returned to Thailand last week. Although I was in the States for just over two months, it seemed like I had been gone a year. Sooo many people, places, and experiences were crammed into such a brief time.

It seemed as if time really did slow down. I have been praying (and working on) being more fully present to whomever is in front of me. Not that I’ve perfected the art of humility, but perhaps even a full-on INTJ’r can have her edges rounded out a bit more and tasks can be suppressed for a little while longer. Yes, this schedule was difficult, and it required disciplined pacing (not unlike trying to run for 24 hours!) as I had to manage ongoing projects in Asia while preparing for the next workshop, talk, or meeting. Unfortunately, I missed seeing so many people, but I’m glad that I focused on quality of time more than quantity of people. Please note I do NOT mean quality of people!

A few of the highlights include:

  • Traveling to 10 States, covering 18 cities!
  • Seeing long-time friends, meeting lost boys from Sudan, and learning the cross-cultural challenges of a town in rural Iowa.
  • Speaking in seven different churches, and numerous small group gatherings – thanks for your hospitality!
  • Learning to surf in Santa Monica – I stood up on my first try!
  • Meeting in person most of the Relentless Elder Board members – we got a lot of work done!
  • Having a car to use: someone left for East Asia two days before I arrived and he let me use his car while I was back. God has great timing!
  • Participating in an excellent training seminar on Sexual Assault Forensic Examination.
  • Making new friends everywhere, and re-connecting with friends – some of whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years!
  • Participating in another successful GMHC!
  • Getting in a run with my ultrarunning buddies in Ft. Wayne!
  • Reading bedtime stories to my nieces and nephews.

Running highlights

November is Orphan Awareness Month. Please see my latest post at Relentless, a follow up on my first post on being aware of how we can best serve abandoned children around the world.

Coming up:

  • I’ve been invited to speak at Urbana 12 next month so I’ll be making a quick trip back to the States in just a few weeks!
  • In December I’ll be giving a series of workshops on child abuse and neglect at Chiang Mai Medical University.
  • Several more clinics for exploited people are planned for the next few weeks.

Thank you for all your sustaining prayers! I can’t do this without YOU!

I hardly sat still long enough to have photos taken, but here is one I can share:

At Inkwell Beach, Santa Monica, CA


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  1. 🙂 Praying for you.

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