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Run for 24 Hours of Justice


Dear friends – just a reminder that the Huay Tung Tao Trek 6/12/24 hour Endurance Run is just 10 days away! I’m making this an opportunity to raise funds for RELENTLESS by asking people to pledge a monetary amount per mile (or kilometer) that I run. More details can be found on this earlier post. Whether or not you donate, please do think of me and my friends as we push ourselves to the limit for a good cause!

HTT Trek flyer


2 thoughts on “Run for 24 Hours of Justice

  1. Great cause and good luck! Check out Hoka OneOne so you can feel a bit better at the hard end of your run. We really think you’ll like them : )

  2. Hoka One One Australia, thanks for the comment! Would love to have you as a sponsor next year! I also would love to try your shoes – I hear they are great! Unfortunately there is no market in Thailand!

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