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For The Boys

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Last week we had another clinic – this time with Urban Light in Chiang Mai. As my friend at Urban Light has beautifully written, it was “more than just a medical clinic”. I highly recommend that you click over to his blog to read what he had to say about the day.

We saw 14 of the boys who regularly participate in the activities at the Urban Light center. The “clinic” was held at the center during the hours when the guys are normally hanging out, learning English, working or playing at the computer, etc. Some of the guys also participate in a baking class (at another site), learning kitchen basics, baking techniques, and other life skills.

The clinic was of course to be a way to bring health care to the boys who don’t normally have any health care: they have no money, they may face discrimination, and seriously…

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One thought on “For The Boys

  1. Hi Katherine-

    My name is Rachel Ogorek. I got your information from my parents, who got your information from Lisa Donoho. I had a few questions for you about Thailand and your experiences if you don’t mind. Rather than trying to do this over the blog, would you mind emailing me? rachelogorek@gmail.com.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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