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Christmas in Chiang Mai

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Nothing like a big air travel snafu to make it feel like the holidays! The thing is, there is no snow or ice here and people aren’t really traveling for Christmas! No problem – free wifi and snacks in the lounge –get this – for EVERYONE! Yay Bangkok Air!

How is this for a Christmas present: A marathon on Christmas Day in my town! I was so excited to discover this a couple of weeks ago! Chiang Mai’s annual marathon is on 25 December! The bonus is that I get to finish my marathon by 8am and have plenty of time to clean up and take advantage of one of the Christmas buffets offered at one of the hotels in town! I’m using this as a training run for my upcoming 100k ultra, so I don’t have hopes for a PR or anything – just to have fun!

On Christmas Eve I’ve been invited to a progressive dinner >YUM!<  hosted by a friend’s house church that starts late afternoon and winds around to different homes until around midnight Loads of food, friends, and celebration. Great loading for the marathon: it’s Christmas, does it really matter what I’m loading? Unfortunately not so great for the 4am marathon start – but like I said, it’s Christmas!

I know what I just wrote about the true meaning of Christmas and all that, but I still do enjoy some Christmas decorations. Thailand loves Christmas and does a pretty good job with the glam as well as the cute. Check out these elephants at the local mall:

Wishing all of you a very warm, relaxing, and JOYFUL  Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas in Chiang Mai

  1. What a blast, Katherine! I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm!! Enjoy the carbo loading, free wifi, and the marathon. Hugs to the cute elephants as you whiz by them!

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