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OPSF 50/50


That is, the Owen-Putnam State Forest (Spencer, IN) 50km/50mile trail race on 5 November. It was a great day to be out running in the woods and NOT getting lost!

No mishaps, no adventures, no excitement save running a steady and strong race to finish in 10:22! This year, the race director decided to measure the course and 50 miles turned to 52.8, which makes my time even better! While I was celebrating not having to run anymore, the co-race director came up with my finisher’s medal and told me I was “the first girl!” I like still being in the “girl” category, and I like being the first one even more!

I’ll spare you the race and trail details and the breakdown of my hydration and nutrition strategy, but things just came together and I’ll have to remember what I did so I can do it again. Yep. You heard me. Again!

Early on I found a comfortable pace, within range of my goal pace. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to hold it or not, but that is what it is all about – you won’t know what you are capable of unless you try. About mile 42 I hit a mental wall. Knees aching, ankle throbbing, knowing that I had more than 10 miles to go rather than only 8. At the aid station I popped some ibuprofen, sucked down some Coke and reached even deeper inside. I just needed to dig deeper, to push my boundaries beyond what I’ve known to do and be more.

Although I ran this race by myself, I carried with me all the people who were lifting up thoughts and prayers for me and I sent them right back up. I also thought of my buddies who were running other races that day, including a 100 miler! All of us need to inspire one another. This human race we are in requires us to support one another so we all finish well!

Alas! No photos to show you! I was by myself and was so focused on running well that I couldn’t be bothered to take the time to get photos. Next time!


6 thoughts on “OPSF 50/50

  1. Can you give me your phone number We are trying to last minute, make plans to come to Louisville. Text to 6167458894. Thanks.

  2. A 52.8, that’s crazy! Just saying…

  3. OK, I messed that last post up, please delete it. I messed up my name entry.

  4. I love the “not getting lost” part of your day!

  5. K, you are one bionic woman! Whew! Do share the details of how you paced yourself! BTW, I checked out the web for OPSF and they did not yet have the race results up!

  6. what a great run!!! i know you know this about me already, but i would love to do something like this. i sure wish my body would cooperate:) i absolutely loved that you carried the names of people you loved and who loved with you as you ran. congratulations for being the first woman to cross the finish…you rock girl!

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