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Subscriptions, feeds, email delivery, and my learning curve on blogging is oh so steep!

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This is a follow up (I commented on this in a previous post) on the problem that some of you are having regarding delivery of my posts to your email. I asked WordPress about this and the support guy suggested that you try this link to their support guide on Managing My Blog Subscriptions. However, this is really only valid if you are a member of the WordPress community.

After more research into this problem, I found myself falling down the rabbit hole of feeds and an application call Feedburner, and that my feed is apparently invalid. Well. What about that, then?

Turns out that composing my posts in Word (which I have a habit of doing), then pasting them in the blog is bad. Something in Word corrupts the technical language of the text, which makes it impossible (can I say indigestible?) to feed to my readers.

I have composed this post entirely within WordPress, and so I hope that you will get this in short order! Do let me know!

I think it is great that I get so much interaction from my readers who see the posts on my notes page on Facebook. However, the delivery is often days late, and the format doesn’t translate as well from the blog to the FB format.

For those of you who didn’t know they could get my posts delivered to your email, then please visit my site on WordPress and click where it says “subscribe by email”

However you follow my blog posts – THANK YOU! It is great to hear from all of you!


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