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ZX and JB updates!


So many of you have been asking about these little guys and I’m so happy to have been able to see both of them soon after I got back. They are both doing well! For those of you new to these guys, you can check out JB’s backstory here and here. You can learn more about ZX’s story here and here.

ZX is now back living with his foster family in a town a couple hours outside of Shenyang. That is where he had been living for two years prior to being transported to the Shenyang Institution for his bleeding problem. About April, he was sent back to live with his foster family as they had determined his bleed risk to be less. I don’t really know how they made this determination as they had not been checking any blood tests – I suppose that he stopped bleeding so much and they let him back. Thank you God!

Last week we made our monthly visit to this village to do health checks on the kids and I requested ZX to be there. He wasn’t exactly chummy with me, and I don’t blame him. I had left him there in that place and didn’t come back. He is still pale and bruised and has evidence of a bleed into his eye indicating that his platelets and blood counts are still low, but he is clinically stable (no major bleeding). He also seems to be doing much better now that he is back with his family. YAY!

Naah! I think it is more fun to see the world THIS way!

JB has improved SO MUCH during the time that I was gone. He can almost sit by himself unsupported, but does really well in his high chair for eating and playing! It appears that he can now see objects as he follows them around his field of vision, but I don’t know what his visual acuity is. He brings so much joy to all around him. The good news is that a forever family has been found for him! So now begins the long, drawn-out, confusing and convoluted process of adopting from China. Please be lifting up that situation.

Henri Nouwen, who as you know spent the latter years of his life as a pastor to severely developmentally disabled people, wrote “When I know that I am chosen, I know that I have been seen as a special person.” And then, “We are God’s chosen ones, even when our world does not choose us.” How beautiful is that?! The world certainly would not choose people like JB or ZX, but they are chosen none-the-less. The world does not have the last say! Now that is good news indeed!

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3 thoughts on “ZX and JB updates!

  1. That’s what we wanted to see!


  2. Thanks for the update. I think about ZX a lot. I will be thinking about him after you move to Thailand.

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