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Recap, Recovery, and Moving On


Well, here goes for a blog post. It’s been a while. Good thing my computer remembers passwords! Its hard to write when you think that you don’t have much to say, even though I really do want to write something. Those of you who write blogs know this feeling.

Just to write takes time and space and those were in short supply during my Stateside stint. Now that I’ve returned to China, I have more time and space, but the tendency has been too fill it, succumbing to the tyranny of the urgent. The definition of “urgent” is anything you would rather do than sit down to write a blog post.

The trip to the States was bookended by the Boston Marathon in April, and my grandmother’s 90th birthday at the end of June. YAY! I decided to book my return for after the 4th of July with the hopes of landing a good holiday weekend at “The Lake” somewhere, which I did. It was fabulous (thank you Jim and Heather)!

I traveled from coast to coast, visiting so many cool places and people, speaking at various gatherings from small fellowships to large convocations, medical schools and Sunday fellowships. I had such a good time, but you guys wore me out! I worked hard, and played just as hard. Traveling is fun, but the constant on-the-go eventually gets to me. Nearly every place I visit could be home for me, but no place truly is, but I can adapt make myself at home wherever I am. After a while, however, I find myself out of rhythm of life. I’m learning more and more what it looks like to stay in the present, taking in my daily bread, in whatever form it may come. But that is not always easy.

Am I complaining? Not at all! Who makes my schedule – ME! I love all that I do and am always testing and learning my limits.  Even Paul, on his journeys abroad, came back to a place to rest and fellowship, and he had some pretty rough trips! I’ve never been shipwrecked!

For now, as it has been for the last couple of years, that community of homeyness has been in Shenyang. It is so good to be back – not just to be home in the midst of my stuff, my bed, but most especially to be with my friends and journey companions in China.

But the moving around doesn’t stop this month. I’ve still got trips within this country and out yet planned for this year. The most important plan is to move from China to Thailand! I’m very much looking forward to it – I never thought I’d be living in Thailand again! That place feels as much like home as any other place. I’ll be living in Chiang Mai – pretty far from where I used to live, but for the first time in my life, I’m moving to a place where I already have friends and working colleagues – I don’t have to start completely over again. Whew! I’m planning to make the move in October, but we’ll see how the moving plans shape up.

Ready for takeoff!


2 thoughts on “Recap, Recovery, and Moving On

  1. Katherine,
    I really enjoyed reading this post and getting updated on your journey(s). We’ll keep thinking of you as you make plans for the move in October. Also, love the picture in the plane. Were you piloting?
    Your friend,

  2. Moving to Thailand again? Wow!! Sounds like cool changes coming your way. 🙂
    Hope you’re well! (sounds like you are!)

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