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I have been hearing a few queries from my readers, when I get to meet some of you in person, regarding the problem of irregular delivery, or not receiving updates by email altogether. The only solution that I can think of, not being very tech-savvy myself, is that your spam checker –  your electronic junk mail conscience has automatically deemed that emails from A Just Walk or from WordPress are not worthy of your attention. You may have to go into your email and approve of messages from said sender. You may have to do this more than once in a lifetime. If anybody else out there has another troubleshooting suggestion or solution to the problem, do feel free to comment.

Unfortunately, those whose who are not getting the email updates to your inbox may not get this post unless they are in the habit of checking the weblog site on the internet. Not sure what to do about that. Please spread the word. I’m still posting! I want readers!

Now, I can’t really resist the somewhat cheesy analogy to spam  messages in my own life.  I have to keep checking and resetting my own internal spam checker. I will find myself subject to battering accusations such as, “who do you think you are?” and “why would anyone listen to you?“. Other themes include “there are easier ways to live“, “you are wasting your life and energy“. They go on and on. you know the drill – you have the same sort of messages – the ones that highlight and pick on your doubts and shortcomings and most of all your fears.

There are books written on this, and hours and hours of talks given on how to deal with this. I could tell you stop listening to those messages, those conversations that get you all twisted up inside. I can quote a verse that says to “take every thought captive” (2 Cor 10), etc. You and I both know that it is way more than that. I suppose my simple point in this post is to keep reminding you to check your spam and evaluate the messages coming in.


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