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ZX update


here he is with a Pediatrics in Review! (see the tie?)

Yesterday I saw ZX for the first time since the weekend he was at the foster family’s home. For his back story, please click here. He has been back in the child welfare institution since that weekend over a month ago, but that is not even the worst of it. He is in a part called “the clinic” which is in a separate building away from the other children. Because his platelets are low, he is considered a bleed risk and is not allowed to play with the other children and is not able to be a part of  the regular activities. He is tied to the register without a book or toy in sight. He occasionally bleeds from his mouth, and he is still pale and has petichiae, but he wasn’t as despondent as I had expected. Perhaps angels may be keeping him company.

We shared an orange together, he helped me look over his latest lab results (still low), and just held each other. My heart broke and melted all over again and I prayed as fervently as I’ve ever prayed for his healing. Of course I did have to leave him to carry on with the other children and teaching the residents.

Of course I get so angry at his situation, how wrong, how cruel. I know you care about him and all the countless others like him. To be honest, I’m really on thin ice by posting this – indeed it was risky to snap this photo. I don’t want to do anything to damage our relationship with this institution so that we may be able to continue our “rescue missions”, and minister to the children, even though it seems so paltry and futile sometimes.

Do continue to pray for ZX’s healing, that he may be released from his bondage and be able to play with other children, even return to his foster family! In the meantime, may angels be always be present to him!


2 thoughts on “ZX update

  1. Katherine, I love this passion you express for this child. May your prayers and ours be answered, for his sake!

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