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Rescue Operation

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This past week, three more orphans made it into new foster families! They came from an orphanage about three-plus hours away in a rural town. The orphans in this orphanage are particularly, how to put it… in need of love.

No toys, no books, no games, no positive stimulation whatsoever. Not that the orphanage doesn’t have these things (they do), there are just too few nannies who care too little. Except one. One lone woman works tirelessly and pays for extra milk and food out of her own meager salary to feed the kids a little more. But this little amount doesn’t come close to the amount that they need for proper growth. You would think she would be admired by the others for her sacrifice, but she receives disdain instead because the children have more bowel and bladder movements, requiring more work for the staff.

We have a relationship with this orphanage, but due to distance, we make only intermittent visits. Last year, the orphanage had no running water for months and we were not allowed to visit the place during the time. No doubt they did not want us to see the worst of the worst, not being able to make a clean scrub of the kids and the place to prepare for our arrival.

Because of this relationship, however, they are allowing us to foster three of their children. A couple weeks ago we made a trip, as we do to all the orphanages, to take Christmas presents such as extra blankets and milk. At that visit, they offered us the opportunity to foster the children. A week later a second trip was made with the new foster families to pick them up.

These three children, one nine months old, the others three years old, will be able to experience family for the first time. They will not be hungry or cold, and they will experience loving arms of safety every single day. Three families now find themselves with a new baby in their house. Three families, with only a few days notice decided to receive a new bundle of hope into their midst.

I have written about orphans and foster care in this country before. It is not done very often, but there are pockets in this country where entire communities are involved in foster care (I think community is the operative word here). For another recent story click to see this article. We happen to be helping a couple of these communities with the medical care of their charges. However, there needs to be a wide revival of this practice throughout the country. When local government and citizens cooperate for the good of Chinese children everyone’s life is changed for good. A few foreigners alone can’t help 17 million orphans by foster care or adoption. Please pray that people throughout this province and country catch the vision and the heart of the Father who knows each of these children by name.

Wen Yue

Qian Hong

Xiao Qiang


One thought on “Rescue Operation

  1. Katherine,

    This post moved me deeply. I continue to pray.

    Peace to you,

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