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DMST on the radio

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Today, I don’t have much to say about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), I’ll let Youth Radio do the talking this time. I was tuned in to NPR’s All Things Considered earlier this week and heard this interview of a couple of trafficked teen girls who are survivors of “The Game”. The second part of the series discusses law enforcement and arresting teen prostitutes.

It is truly sad that “the easiest person to arrest is the child”. However, it doesn’t have to stay bad for the girls (or boys). Laws can make it possible for them to be picked up but not charged or treated as criminals. They can be given better help than sent to juvenile hall. This is by no means simple, and these street kids can be tough, but the onus is on us to help them try to get their life back on track.

Just listen. You’ll hear that it can be done – it IS is being done.


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