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More than a workshop


Surprise and even shock describes the reaction of the young women to the news that they indeed could shower and even wash their hair during their monthly period! Although I have heard similarly strange customs over the years, it is always fun to be the deliverer of the news and be in the midst of the reaction. Whether or not they will actually believe me and change an ancient habit is yet to be determined.

women working together with anatomy cut-outs

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting the first in a series of health workshops to the staff of a couple of organizations who reach out to women in prostitution. Participants represented projects in two neighboring cities (neither in Shenyang). In these workshops I employ a variety of creative and interactive methods such that they help teach themselves in the process. The inaugural workshop was an overview of anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the reproductive system.

Originally I had planned an icebreaker, but in the first few minutes the spontaneous level of excitement and interaction was such that it was clearly unnecessary. The time was well-spent tackling the numerous, myriad, and quite interesting (understatement) questions presented. I also had an opportunity to share a bit about what The Good Book says about health. Because God has an interest in where we go to the bathroom and gives specific directions regarding the “dirty” functions, of course he would also care about all the other parts of our bodies – nothing is hidden, nothing is shameful.

Many of the participants are women who have themselves come out of “the business”, or “the life”. These women often come from the countryside and do not have more than a middle school education – some less than that. Understanding of basic anatomy and physiology by the average Chinese teenager is sketchy and incomplete; these girls have had only grandmother tales and myths to go on. It doesn’t really help that a “doctor on TV” told them that bathing while on their period is harmful to their health.

Empowering and equipping these women with knowledge about their bodies, how to stay healthy, and that they are each a special creation of our heavenly father is an important component in facilitating their holistic growth. Eventually, they can be the out-reachers and teachers, leading their peers to freedom.


3 thoughts on “More than a workshop

  1. Hi Kathy,
    It was so good to visit with you a couple of weeks ago. It was the highlight of Bob and I’s week and we were indeed blessed, as, I know, Rob and Brenda were, too. We appreciated your prayers on our behalf, also. I wanted to let you know that I am almost half way through the book by Elizabeth Elliott. I cannot believe that I did not read it right away, but God’s timing is perfect, so, I believe that this is the time for me to read it. What a great role model Amy is for all of us. We will continue to pray for you as you journey to a few of the states while you are home and, then, as you return to China. We have a Bible study at our home once a week and our group will be praying for you. Thank you again for giving us some of your precious time and spending it with us. Love, Bob and Karen

  2. Love it, love it, love it!! 🙂


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