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Stateside trip

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The blog has been flailing a bit lately as I’ve been preparing for this upcoming Stateside trip where I’m giving six different presentations, traveling to five different States, in just over three weeks.

I’ll land in Fort Wayne the night of 27 October and spend the first 10 days there before heading South. For those in the Ft. Wayne area, there will be a couple of opportunities for you to join in gatherings to hear the latest “unbloggable” details of the work going on here. If interested, please be in touch with me directly.

After the Ft. Wayne stint, I’ll be making my way through Indianapolis to touch base with a few people there and then on to Louisville for the GMHC 11-13 November. After that I’ll swing through Cincinnati and Atlanta to visit some folks on my way to Birmingham, AL. In Birmingham I’ll be giving Grand Rounds (“Cross-cultural Medicine in the People’s Republic of China”) 18 November at Children’s Hospital of Alabama, as well as speaking at other clubs in the city. I’ll be flying out of Ft Wayne the morning of 22 November.WHEW!

I know I’ll see a few people while I’m back – but not nearly enough! Those who live on the East or West coasts – I’ll get out there next spring when I’m planning a longer trip.

I am excited about this year’s GMHC which is emphasizing  Human Trafficking with five different talks on the topic. There will be talks on international and USA domestic trafficking, how a health care professional can become an abolitionist, and a talk on victim identification. There is a huge need for health professionals to get involved in addressing modern day slavery, yet there has yet to be a strong response to the need. There are myriad reasons for this and will be discussed more here. I hope to bring the attendees to the next level of understanding the contemporary issues (such as migration and prostitution) that intersect trafficking in order to better inform this growing movement

Monday and Tuesday of this week I’ll be in Beijing working with a local project that does outreach to vulnerable women. We connected because of their desire to have better health care for the women who are either still in the business or have left and now work with them. Health care is an effective and practical way to reach out and meet a felt need of these women. This work started over the summer and has now developed into monthly consultations where I go and help develop this program with them.  This week I’ll be giving the first in a series of workshops, starting with the basics of health and our bodies. More on that after the workshop. 

A brief update on life and work here: Yuan Bao (John Deere) continues to thrive after his last hospitalization earlier this month. Another boy will come out into foster care next week – details of that pending his arrival from an outlying city. We recently had an Occupational Therapist here for three days of her week-long trip to do assessments on our foster children and give brief trainings to the caretakers. What a blessing! We need more of you!

Looking forward to seeing you!


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