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Shenyang “Cha Bu Duo” 10K run


Yesterday, 18 Sept, was the first (hopefully annual) Shenyang “Cha-Bu-Duo” 10K run! Cha bu duo is Chinese for close enough, and I named it because the distances people are using for training and the official distance of the run is “cha-bu-duo” based on my Polar running computer, and not a more scientific method. For some of them this was their first 10K! I organized their training plans, answered coaching questions, planned the route and bought real finisher medals engraved with the run details on it.

I want to emphasize that this was not a race, and nobody competed for first, only for their personal records. All of us are friends and just want to have fun with this and accomplish something special. It was so fun to help them with their training and to have others interested in talking about running stuff – I’m not the only one now! I’m so proud of my friends for working so hard in their training!

There was also a “Cha Bu Duo” Marathon yesterday: I ran 20 miles prior to the race and run the last 6.2 with the group for my own personal marathon. It was fun to relax and run with my friends – I’d speed up and slow down to run with different people and take pictures along the way.

Twelve hard-core runners showed up in the cold rain, but we were all excited to do it! Everyone ran with smiles and had a good time. We were rewarded with homemade bread and bagels, bananas, juice, and Dunkin’ Donuts! The real deal – a Dunkin’ Donuts store opened up a few weeks ago.YUM!

When I told some people about our run, most were surprised and curious: “I didn’t know there was a 10K in Shenyang!There isn’t, I replied, “We just made up our own!” That’s pretty much how it goes in many places. If you want to do something but it’s not available, you just have to be creative and make up something yourself! So glad I had other friends to go along with this craziness. Already looking forward to next year!

Christa and Eva touching the half-way marker!


5 thoughts on “Shenyang “Cha Bu Duo” 10K run

  1. Katherine, great initiative on your part. I love the photo of you enjoying the Dunkin’ Donut – well earned! It was a soggy day but your runners looked jubilant! Keep up the good work there!

  2. It is great to see all those familiar faces having a great time! The medals are a detail that only you would remember to do. Nice touch! Do they say “Made in America” on the other side? I am thinking that the rainy day had a plus side. Fewer people on the streets and nice, clean air to breathe. What a great bunch of people to live and work with.

  3. Such fun! Made me smile to see everybody enjoying themselves. Way to pull it together!

  4. Happy to see arrival in Shenyang…Donuts great! WIFI sucks!

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