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Global Health Promise Update

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Although you haven’t heard much from Global Health Promise lately, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing anything! We have a number of projects that have been going on and several more in the works. Read the latest Global Health Promise newsletter HERE!

One thing that has really taken off is Our Mother’s House, a Portland, OR outreach to prostituted women, especially those that are mothers. Brian Willis (GHP Director), with the help of dedicated volunteers are working hard to make a difference in the lives in the vulnerable women and children who live among us. Brian has also recently traveled to Nepal and Bangladesh. Nepal to follow up on plans to help coordinate shelters for children or prostituted mothers in Kathmandu; and Bangladesh to begin work on a project with Save the Children to asses health needs of prostituted mothers and children there.

I’ve been doing some travel around this country visiting various projects and consulting on their outreach and care of vulnerable women and girls who are either still in the business, or have come out and seeking help in getting their life back together. Future workshops on sexual health are in the planning.

Please note that our website is in the process of being redesigned and formatted – thanks for your patience!

Thanks for all your interest and support in this work. It takes a measure of patience and dedication to remain in this work as results are neither quick or easy. You are appreciated!


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