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John Deere update


Do you remember Jian Bei, a little kid we got out of the orphanage in Aug 09? Here he is pictured with John Deere. JB was about the same size as John is now (although JB was about 4 or 5 months old at the time).

John is doing so much better! Today marks his one week mark of coming out of the orphanage and he looks like a champ compared to a week ago! I saw him last night and was amazed. He is getting hair on his head, he is constantly moving his arms (usually they are in his mouth), and more often his legs. He is looking around and interacting with people. When I first examined him, I wondered if he was blind because of his lack of response to anyone or anything.

We continue to monitor him for other signs of organic disease (other than the Down’s Syndrome), but so far, everything is turning up normal, or at least normal for someone in such a malnourished state. It can be hard to interpret labs. Some of the more specialized labs are more difficult to obtain simply because many hospitals (even in a provincial capital) may not offer the breadth and depth of services we can find in many other places.

Jian Bei is also doing well, although getting to the bottom of his specific brain problem has also been difficult. We are looking for a forever family for him, and many other kids here are up for grabs as well!


2 thoughts on “John Deere update

  1. Hi, my name is Mandi and I am a friend of Jeff Rude’s (I actually babysit his kids). Anyway, he shared your blog with me because we have adopted 3 SN kids from China in the last 2 years. We also have 3 bio kids.

    I just saw your recent post about JB and John Deere and would love to be able to advocate their forever families on my blog as well as some of the other adoption forums I am on. I would also like to advocate for any of the other kids that are “paper ready” that you know of.

    I love following your blog and thing what you are doing is absolutely amazing. Is there a website or specific group that you belong to so I can pass that along as well?

    I look forward to hearing from you

  2. You are really doing GOOD work there! I will be keeping both these little guys in my thoughts. Hope everything else is going well for you, too…all your other projects. We just saw “Karate Kid 2” witht he older grandkids and there is some BEAUTIFUL scenery of China.
    Did you know Brett and Carrie are expecting again…TWINS…probably in December! They’re very excited and so are Tyler and Hannah…I’m thinking they’ve possibly forgotten all the work of ONE baby, let alone TWO! lol
    Think of you often…keep on your GOOD WORK!

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