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John Deere


I’d like to introduce you to John Deere. Yep! That’s his name – at least that is his English name bestowed upon him by his foster mom on her way to see me at the hospital directly from the orphanage.

My colleague spotted him out of the corner of her eye as she was making the rounds on Monday. She got on it immediately and the new foster mom picked him up Tuesday. Hooray!

He is 11 months old but weighs only 3.3 kg! He has Down’s syndrome, and is obviously severely malnourished. We got no other medical history from the orphanage as to why he hasn’t done better. No matter – we’ll take him! Now he’ll get a big dose of love with every swallow of formula and that will go a long way towards his rehabilitation. It is amazing what a difference what a little TLC makes!

His clinical situation is still precarious. We are working on getting the necessary lab tests and nutritional balance – it is not so easy to do what we need to do here. As my friend and colleague Eva likes to say, “it’s complicated”.

Do be lifting up John Deere and the foster mom, as well as the Chinese nanny who is caring for him full-time during the day. He is fragile and while he most certainly would not make it in the institution, we still have no guarantees about the outcome now. However, over the last 48 hours he has managed to get enough strength to cry a bit more and to actually look around and at the people in front of him. The nanny said he has smiled a couple times.


2 thoughts on “John Deere

  1. Katherine,

    Thanks for this good news. I needed to be reminded of how good I have it and that others struggle just to survive. Interesting name! Is the foster mom a farm girl? Being a farm guy myself it will be easy to remember him and his mom and nanny. They and the medical team will be uplifted.

  2. Katherine,
    Thank you for the work you do to help God’s children. As the father of 4, the youngest being a happy, healthy full of life 10 month old weighing 20 lbs., seeing this picture made me so sad. These poor children are helpless and deserve so much from this life. My family will keep you, your colleagues and the children in our prayers.

    Keep up the good fight…

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