A Just Walk (run, hike, etc…)

"…to the Rock that is higher…"

I Am Seen


This morning’s run was wet. Very wet. The rain means cooler temperatures. It also means I pretty much have the park to myself! My plan was to do a fartlek run, mixing up periods of intense running with easier running for a bit of speed work without the pressure of having to make a certain distance or time. Perfect for a rainy summer day.

I had so much fun and I was so relaxed that I ended up going 10 miles, putting up some great interval speeds. My tank top was soaked and so I peeled it off and ran in only my sport bra. Freedom! Some places along the river park road (I would never do this on a city street) have small ponds forming in the road – deep enough to submerge the speed bumps –  where I would kick up the water to make big splashes, like you would do in the shallow water along the beach.

I found myself wanting to share this moment of splashing in the rain, of freedom, of feeling like a kid again. Instantly, my heavenly Father was there delighting with me. It was beautiful.

The bit of levity is something that I truly needed this week. It doesn’t take long for pressure, inside and out to build up. Frustrations of language, culture, everything seems so insurmountable. Our intentions of love and service are misinterpreted. We ask how to do things differently. We get non-sequiturs.

Be faithful and trust. “Cool your pipes” and “trash your wrath” the Word says (Ps 37 MSG). Playing in the rain is just what I needed to do to. May you be blessed with your “rainy run” equivalent today.


4 thoughts on “I Am Seen

  1. Awesome! Sounds great and I needed that today.

  2. I could you some time splashing in the puddles.good reminder

  3. Katherine, come splash and run here in Liberia during the rainy season. We have loads of puddles and you can run near the ocean! Thanks for sharing in the lightness!!

  4. Yes, your Father delights in you!!

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