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During the trip to India, Jason Nicholas, my friend and media specialist, interviewed me about the work that I do regarding health and human trafficking. It outlines some of the basic problems and challenges, and some of the ways in which I hope to address them.

The big ideas are are awareness raising awareness, gathering data for better informed care and interventions, and building capacity of organizations. Awareness needs to be made not just about trafficking and not just among health care professionals that we have a role to play in this arena, but also among non-medical organizations that the physical and mental health needs of prostituted and trafficked people are myriad and complicated. People are never merely a data point, but good data informs the interventions so that we are not guessing as to the best way to approach a problem. Doctors do this all the time and we call it evidence-based medicine. A lot of what I do now is making consulting trips to help build the capacity of organizations who are interested in developing their health care provision in the after-care setting, or how to help make health care a point of contact for outreach.

The link to the video with audio interview where you can hear me outline some of these issues is HERE.

Next month, I’ll be visiting colleagues in Amsterdam to learn more about the situation in Europe and how health care professionals can be better mobilized to combat the flesh trade and serve the affected people.

Thanks to all who continue to care about this work and support me in doing whatever I can do to fight it!


4 thoughts on “Video

  1. Katherine,

    Thank you for sharing the video. I had some problems with it stopping, but I was able to view it enough to better understand your ministry. My prayers are with you as you serve in this worthy cause.


  2. Katherine, I just received this and really appreciate your communications on this issue. Thank you for your continued work internationally. This video, though it does stop and start as the previous viewer also noted, is effective in portraying Global Health Promise and your work. I look forward to hearing more. The perspective of my work in domestic sex trafficking here in the US is different and I would be interested in discussing that with you sometime.

    Grace and peace,

  3. I’m sorry about the stopping/starting of the video – that is a technical difficulty beyond my control, and I don’t know what to do about it. It was doing that for me, but I thought it was just because I have a slow connection.

    Thanks for persevering and continuing to watch the video!


  4. Not sure what the issue with the skipping is; I’ve not been able to reproduce it on any of the computers I’ve tried (but, I’m usually on a fast connexion). Do you all have the same issue with other videos? (Try some other videos on Vimeo and see.) I’ve just tried it again and it seems fine (this is at a motel in very rural Kentucky…).

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