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Our Mother’s House

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I’m very excited to announce the opening Our Mother’s House, a drop in center for prostituted and trafficked women, especially those with children, in Portland, OR.  Beginning May 15, Every Saturday evening from 6-9pm Our Mother’s House will open doors to these vulnerable women and children.

This is a project of Global Health Promise, led by Brian Willis, but none of this could happen without a lot of help from some very dedicated and committed friends, including Chris Anderson and Lis Saunders. Jeri Williams, a survivor of human trafficking, is the advisor to Our Mother’s House.

Too often, women in the flesh trade are seen as sinful and worthless, having made bad choices and now are paying for them. Even if you haven’t thought about them quite that way, let me ask you how many times have you considered that they are mothers? Have you ever thought that they were in trouble, tricked, or trapped? Have you ever thought that perhaps that all they really wanted was to leave, but couldn’t quite make it out of “the business” themselves because they were either enslaved by a pimp, or enslaved by societal violence that prevented them from getting out “by their own bootstraps”? Please join Global Health Promise and Our Mother’s House to make a difference for women and children in sex slavery in the Portland area.

Services provided will include food, assistance, and referrals to local partners for medical and social services. A monthly spiritual retreat is being developed for the mothers as well as a support group for adolescents and young adults whose mothers are or have been prostituted.

Identified needs of the outreach include volunteers, bus tickets, donated food, and musicians for a “mini-concert” series. Many women have child custody issues so lawyers with family law experience are needed to help. More needs will be evident once we are open and more conversations with the women take place.

News, events and other information is provided on the website, but just in case you can’t wait to make another couple of clicks, you can email ourmothershouse@gmail.com to sign up to volunteer, offer services, or find out more information.


One thought on “Our Mother’s House

  1. It’s exciting to see this dream become a reality! Lifting up you and the project.

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