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Yushu Earthquake final update

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The team that we sent out early last week arrived back to Shenyang safe and sound this week. They had reports of busy medical work, hardship, and amazing stories of the survivors. The needs there were great before the earthquake and are even more so now. My friend reported that there were many people coming to see the doctors with chronic medical problems, not even related to the earthquake trauma, but they had not previously had such an opportunity to seek help from highly qualified doctors. Of course they were not turned away by the teams and all were welcomed and treated. Even so, each opportunity to see a patient with whatever kinds of ailments gave the medical personnel and opportunity to speak reassurance, life, and hope to each person.

As I mentioned in a previous post, if you are interested in following the work there, please see Yushu Earthquake Relief for updates. The relief work continues, and will continue for a long time, as recovery of not only infrastructure, but inner healing will take years of work. Please do continue to lift them up.


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