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Earthquake update

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Although the news may not be making headlines because people are stranded in Paris and airlines are losing millions of dollars from an inconvenient volcano, the death toll from last week’s earthquake in Western China continues to grow. Nearly 2000 people have lost their lives with over 12,000 people injured.

Neighboring Tibet, this province is mostly ethnic Tibetan. One report states that approximately 10,000 Buddhist monks, mostly from other provinces, are in the area to assist in the relief effort. For more information on this and other details, please see this BBC news article, or just Google it.

Because of the remoteness of the epicenter, relief supplies are difficult to get to the area. Many relief workers have had to turn back due to altitude sickness – the average altitude is around 13,ooo feet (4,000 m). Nevertheless, I’ll be heading out to the site to join the relief effort. A couple of our team left on Monday, and a couple more will fly out tomorrow (Wednesday my time). I’m packing all my medical and camping equipment and food for the whole time as each team needs to be responsible to bring in all their own food, water and shelter.

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated for the people affected and those going to serve them.


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