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Qinghai Earthquake

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By now you have heard about the earthquake that struck in China’s Western Qinghai province on Wednesday, 14 April. As of today, according to BBC news, the estimated death toll is over 1,000 people, the number missing is over 400 and over 11,000 people are injured. The affected area is very remote and the roads are few and difficult to travel in the best of circumstances. Furthermore, the altitude averages higher than 10,000 feet (>3000 meters) and the temperatures remain cold most of the year – temperatures drop below freezing this time of year. These facts hinder relief efforts, but much has been already been done due to the swift action of China’s army. Some photos of the quake relief can be seen here.

Many thousands will need food, water, shelter, medical care and comfort in the weeks to come. A team of expat physicians is being assembled from various parts of the country to go and assist in the relief effort. At the moment, I’m not sure if I’ll be on that team or if I’ll stay behind to fill in for my colleagues here. Either way, we are all part of a team. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated for those survivors who have suffered loss of loved ones, and suffer from injuries and terror. Please also remember those involved in the relief effort.

I’ll keep you posted!


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