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Back in China


I’m on the plane back to China and can’t wait to start blogging. This Stateside trip has been a good one, but it’s time to get back to work in the everyday. A lot of momentum has been generated and now it’s time to start going for it.

It has been way too long since I last wrote. I like to write, but I need space in which to write. The past month has been a hectic and irregular Stateside schedule, but beautiful none-the-less. Nothing like a 30-something hour itinerary back to China that gives one all the space needed to write! It’s a blessing to have so many friends and siblings, nieces and nephews. So many beautiful hours laughing, snuggling, eating, and sharing. How encouraged I am after seeing so many of you, yet so many I didn’t have a chance to see! It was refreshing to discuss life here in uncensored terms. I spent other days giving workshops and lectures about the health consequences of human trafficking. Somehow, but not mysteriously, a part of my journey and the compelling love seems to come out as well.

Yes, I have been given the opportunity to give workshops at medical schools and conferences (including a large one that happens in Louisville every November), a lecture at Notre Dame, a presentation to the princess of Sweden and even meet Queen Sylvia of Sweden. However, I consider it an honor to give a public voice to the voiceless, marginalized people that I have the privilege of serving in China and other places. It is a way to advocate for justice, it is time to get back to work on it.

The new apartment is still in a chaos of unpacked boxes, but at least I’ll have something to do when I’m wide awake, jet-lagging at 3am. Let’s hope my neighbor downstairs doesn’t start to think there’s a crazy person up making noise in the middle of the night! Then it’s back to work on Monday!

It was great to see you – please stay in touch!



3 thoughts on “Back in China

  1. Again, it was so great to meet you! 🙂
    I look forward to reading about your journey and lifting you up from here…
    I hope you have a great trip back and a good adjustment with minimal jet-lag. Then again.. might be a good chance to meet the neighbors! 😉
    Keep passionately seeking!

  2. Bob and I are so glad that we got to see you, even if it was for a short time. Too short. But, we do know how busy your schedule was and so were grateful for even that short time. What a blessing that you have so many friends here in the States and such a supportive family. God has blessed you. We will continue to pray for you as you minister to the body, hearts and souls of the people in China. What an amazing work the Lord has entrusted to you, you certainly are a true and faithful servant. May God bless you and. We are praying, Love you. Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen

  3. Of course we were saddened not to be able to make the trip to Grand Rapids to see you Katherine, but Sarah sent us a long email with lots of details that I have added to my prayer list for you.

    We were so excited to hear all about what is going on. Yes, God has certainly entrusted you with important work for His kingdom. It is such a privilege to be a prayer partner with you. We know how much you value and depend on our prayers.

    We pray for your readjustment and for God’s perfect timing in all the plans He works out through you and your various team members.

    Karen and Bruce

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