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Firecracker! October 09


These last couple weeks have been so rich, but they have also been very busy. It seems that when there is more to write about, there is less time in which to do the writing. The blog was supposed to make this easier, but that’s another thing…

The following paragraphs are snippets of of news to keep you updated on what is going on over here.

Mid-Autumn Festival

mooncakeIt’s yue bing (mooncake) time again! Mooncakes are the Chinese traditional food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is a traditional Chinese festival celebrating the full harvest moon that can be traced as far back as 2000B.C. This year it occurs on 3 October. Traditionally, it is a time of gathering with family and relaxing after the harvest season. It is also associated with the worship of the moon and other folktales.

Mooncakes – not to be confused with moonpies! These are the Chinese version of fruitcakes. The Chinese feast on mooncakes, give mooncakes to friends and colleagues, and are basically overwhelmed by mooncakes in the weeks leading up to this holiday. There are numerous and sometime bizarre folktales about the history of the mooncake, and are as old as the festival itself. Some involve mythical characters or ancient army conquests. They are ubiquitous in the weeks leading up to the mid-autumn festival. They have all kinds of fillings from dried fruit and nuts, to sugared ham to green tea flavors.

I’m actually not a huge fan of eating the mooncakes (I’m also not a fan of fruitcake) so I’ve come up with some alternative uses for them. Here is one pictured.  mooncake penholder

Cambodia trip! Five members of LIGHT will be traveling to Cambodia Oct 9-20 to participate in a short term medical outreach trip. Our team from Shenyang will be joining a team from Singapore to minster to villagers both medically and non-medically. It was exciting to hear that the team raised about half of their funds from local sources in Shenyang! This is not the first time LIGHT has sent people out – we have been to Cambodia before, to Pakistan, and also to Sichuan province for earthquake relief. It is our goal to be a LIGHT not just in Shenyang but also to far reaches of the world! Please remember to lift them up as they travel.

Shen Jianqing is an 18 month old boy who has Hemophilia A, a serious bleeding disorder. While visiting the orphanage a couple of weeks ago we noticed this toddler with a HUGE bruised knot on his head and several other bruises on the face. The orphanage doctors have suspected a bleeding disorder, but no specific measures have been taken on his behalf. For his safety and treatment we are trying to get him into a suitable foster home. At the moment, the orphanage director has not yet given permission for him to be fostered. Please lift him up – for his safety and health, that we may find a good family to foster him, and that we would be allowed to place him in that family. I’m sorry I do not have a photo of him – I was not allowed to take a picture in the orphanage.

MOVING TIME! In addition to the regular craziness of my live here, I’ve decided to move to another apartment. I have a mentally unstable neighbor who refuses to take medication (confirmed by his sister). This guy has been disturbing my peaceful sanctuary for some time. Some of you have been entertained by my Facebook status updates about him – but he has been driving me crazy!  Furthermore, my friends all live in another part of town, so making a move to be nearer to my community makes a lot of sense. Within a week, I had decided to move house, found an apartment, signed a lease and packed up my entire house – all while maintaining my regular work schedule. Thanks to helpful packing friends!

Remaining Centered

When I am very busy, when allow my margins to become thinner and thinner, it’s much more difficult to stay centered and true. I’m feeling this now. I do notice when I’m spinning away from my center, but I don’t always take the time to move back into the right place. I don’t like how I’m living or thinking or even breathing when I’m living in my margins. But I continue to tell myself that this is only for a season, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow I’ll get there… not so much. At least I now I am a bit more aware of where I am and how I can maintain my center and balance, which is found only in the deep love of Christ. It is only by his compelling love that I have the discipline to either maintain a centered life, or move back to it when I find myself way out in the margins. May you also become aware of when you are living in your margins and how to maintain a centered life. Not easy, but totally worth it.

Shenjianqing is an 18 month old boy with Hemophilia A. For his safety and treatment, we are trying to get him into a suitable foster home. At the moment, the orphanage director does not yet give permission for this boy to be fostered. Please remember him – pray for his safety and that we may be allowed to foster him.


2 thoughts on “Firecracker! October 09

  1. Hello Katherine,
    I am always so interested to hear how God is using you to impact the places where He has placed you. You give many the opportunity to support your work with our prayers.

    You are so correct to point out how easy it is to allow the work that God is doing within us in the quiet, still places of our lives to be pushed aside by work that we are doing to honor Him. That balance is hard to maintain–especially by committed and energetic people like you.

    God shows His goodness and love for us with His call to awareness when our lives become unbalanced. Sometimes investing the time for being can be so difficult when the call for doing is so loud and the needs so great.

    How wonderful that you could get settled into a new apartment so quickly. Where would we be without the love and support of our friends?!

    Thank you for keeping us updated so we can join you with our prayers.


  2. On being centered-

    I think we live on the top of a sphere where every direction we can go slopes down and the slope increases the farther we get from the Pole. We can’t just sit there on top where it is safe because nothing we are supposed to do would get done. To live life we have to upset the equilibrium and take the chance on getting away from the Pole. So while we are moving around doing the work we have been given we have to make constant adjustments to stay at the Pole. When we inevitably find ourselves too far from the Pole we have to stop what we are doing for a while and climb back. It always takes effort to get back to the center and it is always easy to move away from it. The trick is to recognize when it is time to head back and not run past the center when we pass through it. Thankfully, we have the ever patient Spirit to provide that guidance.

    Thank you for sharing what you are going through. You are not alone.

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