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Firecracker! August 09


Abigail goes home! Many thanks to all of you who have been lifting up Abigail during these last couple of weeks. Her surgery and post-operative course went well, if not long and protracted. She was released today to recover at home, much to the relief of Melinda.

A network of locals and expats alike who are interested in serving the orphaned and abandoned children here continues to grow and it is exciting to see how divinely relationships are being knit together. We are trying to develop a network and support system for those (focusing on locals) who are interested in foster care. Please join us in lifting up this effort. The importance of seeing every child placed in a loving home cannot be overstated.

JERICHO PROJECT continues to meet regularly. Some really fantastic women have been joining us, and some have been very proactive in collecting information about what is going on around the city. It is a huge blessing to have people who can search the Chinese language and help translate the meaning. I am learning so much about the situation here in NE China, but also about local culture. The women involve in JP have a heart for this work, but it is also necessary to do quite a bit of training and education about trafficking and prostitution and our response to this problem. The time spent together is so precious. Although we have not yet been doing much actual outreach, the internal work we are doing now is fundamentally important. Please continue to lift up our work here as well as continue to ask for more people to be involved.

residents making a hosptial visitThe residency program continues to move forward as the resident continuity clinic slowly becomes more established. It has been fun and interesting to lead the residents to take more ownership and responsibility for their own work. They are not only learning how to see patients, but how to run a clinic, work together as a team, take care of their colleagues’ patients, and a myriad other issues.

Furthermore, we have recently had TWO new American faculty members join our group. One is a pediatrician and happens to be a good friend from the States. She is married to a family medicine physician. Their family is adorable! Although they will be focusing on language learning, they will still be available for some clinics and the curbside consults! YAY! Love to have more brains together on some of these medical questions!


4 thoughts on “Firecracker! August 09

  1. Great news on every front! Thanks for the update!

  2. All the news sounds GREAT! Things are progressing right along.

    When you come home will you be here through the Holidays?

    Deb Coleman

  3. How exciting to see God at work within all you do Katherine. I’m so thankful for all you are learning with the Jericho Project and the deep relationships that are developing.

    I’m praising God with you as more foster families are answering the call to share their love and care. The network and support system you are developing for the foster families is so vital.

    How wonderful to have friends from the States joining you. Friendships that already have a history are such a blessing. It will be a blessing for them too, to have you there to guide and understand their many adjustments. Their understanding support will be so beneficial to you as well.

    The residency continuity program sounds like such a good thing. I probably have forgotten from other posts, but I’m not sure I understand all that this means. How did residents, or at least these residents function before? It doesn’t sound like there was much team work. Maybe I just need to be directed to an earlier post where all this was explained.

    Blessings to you Katherine.
    Please take care to give yourself space and time to take care of yourself.


  4. Hi Katherine,
    I have a medical question. Tethered spinal cord….operation successful at age one….Now bladder and bowel not functioning fully….MRI normal…
    Three year old being catheritized four times daily…It is muscle weakness and could it come back as she grows?
    We pray daily for complete healing.

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