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Abigail’s Surgery


Another orphan I’d like to introduce you to is Abigail, an almost 3 year old orphan with Down Syndrome. She underwent surgery today for duodenal stenosis (a narrowing of her small intestine). Melinda, a single woman has fostered her since Abigail was about 10 months old. It is worth mentioning that Melinda is a single woman who fosters another 14 month old boy (Ethan) who has cerebral palsy. Last year, Abigail had heart surgery to correct her ventricular septal defect and Melinda saw her through the whole thing. Melinda and other foster parents like her also take full responsibility for the costs of the care of these babies. LIGHT and other benefactors help out as we are able.

Abigail postopThe surgery went smoothly enough, although they have already been in the hospital for a week already. Abigail has had nothing to eat since Tuesday! Gotta make sure the bowel is REAL clean. The toughest part now is the postoperative care. Abigail’s doctor refused to prescribe pain medicine for her. He, and many many Chinese doctors, believe that children don’t feel much pain and therefore do not need pain medication. In the ICU, they will give diazepam (valium) to knock them out, but give nothing for pain. Please ask Jesus to supernaturally relieve her pain and allow her to rest and heal well.

Today, the residents and I took a field trip to visit Abigail and Melinda (and Ethan and Kayley). We were there for support, but Melinda was gracious enough to allow me a rare chance for an inpatient teaching opportunity. We discussed postop care – and of course the need for pain medication. A couple of them even went out to ask the doctor for pain meds, but without success. I will try to find some suppositories for Melinda to give her.

It really is a privilege to serve these foster families. I have not sacrificed anything compared to their generosity of opening up their homes and their hearts to these sweet little ones! Do continue to lift them up.


2 thoughts on “Abigail’s Surgery

  1. Hey, Katherine! I want to thank u for filling us in on the children u visit. There are so many needs to know about and to pray for.

  2. Katherine, you are fulfilling a vital role in the lives of these kids. So glad you had a teaching moment too!

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