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Meet JB!


JBJB is the newest baby from the local orphanage to be placed in a foster family! He will be 5 months old next week but he weighs only 3.75 kg (8.25lbs)! I basically told the orphanage that this infant will die soon and asked if they would allow a family to foster him? Thankfully they agreed. I also asked for a couple more infants, but they said the others would do just fine at their institution. After posting an email asking for a family to foster him I had TWO families respond immediately!

I have seen so many children near death who remarkably rebound after being placed in a loving home. Remember Hosanna? It is not just proper medical care – it is amazing what being fed a proper amount and being fed while being held in someone’s arms can do for a young precious one. He is so malnourished I’m not sure if he has an underlying medical condition or not. The foster mom brought him to the clinic for some tests. So far nothing serious has turned up and he is eating like a champ! Go JB!

This is truly something to celebrate because it is becoming very difficult to get children into foster care. There is another private organization (name shall remain unpublished) that runs a program within the orphanage (and others throughout the country) and the local orphanage leaders see this as a reason (actually, who knows the real reason) to keep the children institutionalized instead of placed in homes. The situation is quite frustrating. I don’t want to hope for more sick children, but it seems that is the only way we are going to get kids placed into homes.

There are great intentions, but it doesn’t matter what kind of programs are involved, institutions cannot replace a family! How many decades ago did we decide that orphanages were not suitable for American children? I will put away my soapbox now. But for those of you who are concerned about orphans around the world – always move towards helping the orphan and not supporting orphanages.


6 thoughts on “Meet JB!

  1. How wonderful is your soapbox, Katherine! And precious is the news that families will adopt and feed and hug these babies. Thanks for your work on their behalf! Clydette

  2. I always appreciate the education and insight you provide, Katherine, as you share your experiences and your thoughts on those experiences.

    Know that our thoughts are with you as you journey through each day with its many varied paths.

    May strength, hope and love flow through you to all you touch.


  3. What a great encouragement during a difficult work day! What great news that little JB is eating so well! How many people in this world, baby or adult, just need a little love and attention to grow and thrive?

    Please thank the foster parents for all of us, Katherine, and you can get on that soapbox anytime you want as far as I am concerned.


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