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Firecracker July 09

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Nancy and Gloira discuss a patientThe LIGHT Resident Clinic is undergoing some positive transition lately. In order to have a good Family Medicine training program, the residents need to have their own clinic to establish continuity in patient care. There are essentially no national/local models for family medicine, pediatrics, or any other primary care clinics that not only treat patients with a variety of health problems, but also focus on wellness and preventive care. This is not only a problem to establish vision in our residents, but also in the general public whom we want to reach. We need patients!

We have recently been gifted with a computer and internet access for our clinic. There are other items that we could use to round out our equipment needs and improve our clinical capabilities. If you are interested in knowing more about how you can help with this, please get in touch with me.

Jericho Project continues to meet every other week. There are a couple of outstanding local women who are committed to this outreach. We are still in the “laying a foundation” stage, which includes a lot of thinking vertically as well as horizontally. We are also gathering quite a bit of information – reconnaissance, if you will, about the situation here in Shenyang. I’m also doing some training about the situation and who and what we might find. Progress is being made and I’m looking forward to doing some walking around some of these neighborhoods soon. When you think about Jericho, please remember that we need more local women with some time to go out with us. We also need some direction about where to start. I’m asking for a “Rahab” on the inside (or who has recently been on the inside) to help us in our outreach. Most of all, we need to hear from and walk in step with our God who knows all about the situation and the people involved.


One thought on “Firecracker July 09

  1. It is such an honor Katherine to be on your support/prayer team!

    Thanks for sharing the exciting things that are happening at the LIGHT resident clinic and the Jericho Project. Know that we will be remembering your requests as well.


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