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book launch announcement


I’d like to share with you the newly released “Caring for Trafficked Persons: Guidance for Health Providers”. This is the finished product of the UNGIFT/IOM expert group on health of which I was a part. A free download is available at this link. My Global Health Promise colleague, Brian Willis, was also a member of this group. I am proud to be a part of a growing number of health professionals committed to bringing holistic care to men, women and children who have been bought, sold, and traded for all kinds of purposes. We hope to help other practitioners, who may not have much experience with trafficked persons, understand the complex phyisical, mental and emotional problems experienced by trafficked persons. The expert group is will possibly expand this book  into other languages and augmenting the book with training, but nothing yet is set. I’m looking forward to the next step!


2 thoughts on “book launch announcement

  1. Thanks Katherine! I have already saved it. I am not a health professional but certainly care about these that are caught in such a horrific life. They are expecting South Africa to have an increase in trafficking during the World Cup.

    Thanks for your hard work and allowing the rest of us to reap the benefits.

    By the way… Courtney had our first grandchild today! A little girl, Norah Cate. They live in Pasadena now as her husband is getting his master’s at Fuller.

    Much love…

  2. Katherine:

    You have been so instrumental in this cause yourself for trafficked people. Thank God for wonderful you…………

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