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We have a new sister to celebrate! A couple weeks ago one of the new residents accepted the love and redemption of Jesus Christ. Below, in exactly her own words (believe me, her English is improving daily) and her own style and typing are her precious words about the light that now shines in and through her heart. Please be faithful to lift her up for faith, growth, and protection.

My first composition
my english name is gloria,which was given by my english teacher in Middle school,about 15 yrs ago.On that time,i didn’t understand the real meanings of Gloria.
As time goes by,i am growing.4 years ago,i graduated from a Medical University,and had been a gynecologist for 3 years. When i joined into society,i found that society is another university, as deep as a no buttomless lake. She was a good teacher who taught me insight, the world beautiful side and the world of shadows. these recognizes conveied my original world view。i had felt helpless for a long time.just as a sheep lossing her way.About that times,i just like walked in dark allday,no light,no goal,no hope.in my mind ,i clearly knew that i must change and be rescued by myself. however , i don’t known how to do 。so everyday,i went to work then got off work,without happy.finally, i couldn’t bear to live in this way,and give a resignation to my boss.
Then,i found a new job that it is not different from previous one.now i am working in this place, i like it very much,everybody is kindful ,smiling,and warm. when my friends ask me how my job is,i will tell them that my work is the closest place where god stand. this is my only sense presently.i am glad to choice this job.
Now,i’m recalling my name Gloria,is it just a coincidence ? maybe. but i would rather believe that it is the Will of God.Today is guiden by God,again.i will do my work with hard.
Blessings to you, to me, to us

9 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Congratulations to Gloria…that is wonderful! Her testimony was inspiring. Having been so thru some difficulties myself, I can say that ON MY OWN, it would not be possible! Now, Gloria can help others to reach the same conclusions she has!

  2. That “first composition” was simply beautiful and powerful.
    Blessings on you (her), and me, and us.

  3. What absolutely fantastic news! No matter how much Gloria’s English may improve, that story will never be better than the way it was written. I look forward to meeting her.

    I pray every day for encouragement for you, Katherine. I am sure that Gloria’s decision has blessed you and encouraged you greatly. Thank you for letting us share in the work.

  4. No language barriers to God’s love!

  5. Praise the Lord for Gloria. Her English may be somewhat broken, but her soul is now fixed through the shed blood of Jesus. This must be a great encouragement to you. We will pray for her in the days ahead.

  6. Ha! Yay God!

  7. Gloria, that was both touching and eloquent. Thank you for making my weekend. It’s July 4th as I read this, and Americans are feeling patriotic. THIS, your message, is MY patriotism: The Kingdom of the Lamb.

  8. So awesome…Oh the wonder of New Life!!

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