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"…to the Rock that is higher…"



Something I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks, and which I find myself talking more about is the love and goodness of God. More specifically, how I’m recognizing and experiencing the love and goodness of God through my journey. People have told me that what I’m doing with my life and how committed I am to this kind of work is amazing. They comment on the sacrifices I’ve  made in order to do this great work. At times, I didn’t know how to respond to these praises and comments. Usually I’ve said something about living the live I’ve been given to live, and being true to myself and who I have been created to be, and hopefully inspiring them to do the same.

Recently, I’ve been saying something that builds on that, and it brings perspective on God’s love in our lives. I do what I do because it is a working out of who I’ve been created to be. I’m created out of God’s love. It is not necessarily a matter of following a calling or vocation of doing so much as it is allowing God to love you and love through you. Right now, God loves me enough to entrust me with this current work in medical education and reaching out to prostituted and trafficked people. But my passion (at least I try) is for God and his love first. In the future if God chooses to love me by bringing me to a different place, doing a different thing, that is how he will show his love and goodness to me and I will accept his love (how I will do that is up to me). We are created beings first and our vocation flows out of who we are. Even if the work changes, you are still you, allowing God to love you however he chooses at that time of your life.

I think that many people are afraid to let God love them as much as God wants to! Many are afraid to let go to his radical love and see what really happens in their lives. Not easy! Although now I recognize his goodness woven throughout my life, I feel like I’m only beginning to live that in the present. To be honest, it can be scary following God, because sometimes this life gets really really hard, and I know that there will be more trials ahead. It is not always easy and not always pleasant. The way to the cross in following Jesus will always get harder. But his love and goodness are always present and there will be even sweeter times ahead!


4 thoughts on “Goodness!

  1. Kath
    My heart overflows with love and joy and big hugs for you.
    Love you sis!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us Katherine. You have communicated these truths well.

    God is teaching me these same things but through a totally different journey. Being the I AM that He is, we find Him to be the All that we need.

    It is so encouraging to see how you live out each day’s challenges and opportunities through the power of God’s love. That Light is so needed. Thanks for shining His light into our lives as well.


  3. Hi Kathy,
    God is always showing me how much He wants me to give Him my all, in everything that I do. I definitely am the clay and He is the potter. Why are we always forgetting that? It seems that we give Him our lives one minute and in the next minute we are trying to do things our way. We must be consistant and be disciplined in living our lives for HIm. Not an easy thing to do. I pray daily that He would live His life through me. I will pray that for you as well as, I know, that is your desire. May God give you His wisdome as you serve there in China.
    We have seen pictures of both of your new niece and nephew. They look like doll babies. Your Mom is a busy Grandma.
    Thank you for your letters. Love, Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen

  4. Thanks for these words, Kathrine, that I so often need to hear. I’ve been writing you emails in my head for several weeks, which means one should actually make it’s way to you some time soon, I hope. (Before it gets way too long!)

    In the meantime, know that the new-old GO Team is praying. We love you.

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