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calling all horns!


Nope, not discussing traffic in China, or at least not the form of traffic you normally consider.  I’m talking about Team Jericho, which came together for the first time this afternoon to start a work to reach the vulnerable, enslaved women and children in this city. Remember how the Israelites marched around the city of Jericho for seven days and on the seventh day God made the city tumble down (Joshua 2, 6)?  That’s what I want to see happen here: the huge walls of the sex industry, reinforced with police, mob, and business networks, come crashing down. This can only happen through faith and obedience of dedicated Followers.

Also found in that story is Rahab, the prostitute who helped the Israelite spies escape and was saved from destruction in return. I’d like to know the story of how the spies came to be in Rahab’s house, but the Book doesn’t elaborate on that. However, the woman was kind and risked herself in the process  of helping them. She received grace and salvation when the rest of Jericho was destroyed. I want to be ready for many many Rahabs who will escape destruction.

Five of us gathered to start deliberately asking, seeking, lifting up and laying down the work of not only rescuing the Rahabs in this city, but even for the destruction of the institution that holds them. This is a new start for all of us.  Shenyang is a city that has a different look to the “business” in other cities I’ve worked. While not exactly closed, it does seem to be more packaged and protected in spas, karaoke bars, hotels and the like. I have seen only one woman out on her own since I’ve been here.

I can’t overstate how huge this is. We are marching on new territory, dangerous ground, and we do not take this lightly. Only Father is powerful enough to protect us and bring down the walls and release the prisioners. He knows where the chinks in the wall lie, he knows who our initial Rahab contacts are. Team Jericho is just meeting to ask what is next, for others to be lead to join us, for the next step. Please raise your horn with us as and join Team Jericho as we march together. We need you!


6 thoughts on “calling all horns!

  1. Katherine,
    Your actions will help the Rahab’s escape their prison of suffering.

  2. I am joining Team Jericho from here in Fort Wayne. Carole

  3. Horns with be joining Team Jericho from Big Rapids.

  4. Awesome you guys! You are on the team! Thanks so much!

  5. Three other women and I have been meeting every Monday from 4-5pm for this type of need and we will definitely be adding Team Jericho to our list! Dini

  6. Rahab is a fascinating and special woman. Whatever connotations “harlot” carries with it in the Bible, she was apparently well known and fairly well thought of in Jericho. She had a house that was part of the city wall, they apparently sent travelers to her for lodging, and they believed what she told them and the Jericho police did not bother to search her place. She had other businesses, she hid the Israelite spies among flax that she had drying on her roof. More importantly she had made up her mind to follow God even before the spies showed up at her door. She had heard and believed! She was ready to risk her life to follow God and help in His plan. I have to think that it was a divine appointment that sent the “spies” to her door. For her faith she got to save herself and her family. She married an Israelite named Salmon and had a son by him named Boaz. I don’t know if she lived to see him marry Ruth, the Moabite, but her great-great-great grandson was King David. Wow! It is a shame that nobody names their daughters Rahab because it would be an honor to this great woman.

    You already know that I’m with you and your team on this.

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