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Perspective – how people are shaped by different cultural values, is coming to mind lately. The way the Chinese think can be so inherently different and seemingly backwards and upside down – sometimes it just does not compute.

I’ve have the pleasure of getting to know a couple of new residents over the last month or so. They are bright and hungry and so teachable! Neither one yet recognize that their lives have been redeemed, but they are constantly surrounded by people who do and I’m sure it is having an impact. However, their perspective is still comes from a very different place.

As we were traveling back from an outreach, one started telling me a couple stories from when she worked as an OB/GYN. What she told me she did sent chills down my spine. I swallowed my horror so that I could be open to her at that time and invite her to be open in the future. I won’t relate the stories here because I want to avoid any negative consequences from what I post in a blog. I needed to What struck me was the absolute candor with which she tells me these things and the questions she asks about what she found. She didn’t even have any embarrassment or apology you might expect when someone knows the listener would disagree or take offense. From her perspective, there was absolutely nothing wrong with what she did, and she is merely relating the information in order to understand the medical aspect of her findings.

There are no qualms about aborting children who are found to have defects such as deformed extremities or cleft lip/palate, or another genetic disorder. Even though many problems can be corrected, it would cost to much and take too much effort, so just cancel this one and try again. Money is EVERYTHING, and I will be revisiting this aspect of the Chinese perspective in future blogs.

Moreover, when discussing abortion with some believers, I am astonished (perhaps I shouldn’t be) to hear that some have a problem in determining that abortion is always wrong because for them, the sin of having too many children and therefore destabilizing society  is worse than aborting the child.  Hmmmm.

How has my perspective been warped by my environment, my choices of where and with whom I am? I’ve noticed how my attitude about living  here, the work that I have and the hope for changed lives can flux depending on what I see, and even what I choose to see. I can look at the destruction of life, the greedy, uncompassionate, and murderous attitudes that I see present in the society and get all angry and hopeless. One the flip side, I can choose to not see a difficult society, but instead see individuals who are desparate for hope and life. I want to be open and fully present to them without judgement and full of acceptance and love. I’m so grateful that I do have a life as an accepted, loved, and redeemed person but I need to remember that living that way requires conscious discipline and awareness of my thoughts and even deeds.


7 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Katherine,
    You are a powerful force in changing the attitudes of the Chinese people. Keep up the purposeful work.

  2. Katherine,
    What an amazing challenge you have. We continue to lift you up that you would be alert and be able to resist the dark one. He is always present and wanting to destroy. He will keep you strong. Hugs, Bob and Karen

    Dear Katherine,
    What an amazing challenge you have. We continue to lift you up, that you would be alert and be able to resist the dark one. The Almighty will give you the strength that you need. Hugs, Bob and Karen

  3. Well done, Katherine! May the redeemer continue to use you, and may he constantly be in the midst of your perspectives.
    Lots of love,

  4. may God’s angels surround you Katherine as you bring His kingdom light into the hearts of those you work with in China!

  5. Katherine,

    It’s so interesting, isn’t it? The way we view the world is so strongly based on the values and beliefs we had growing up — and we assume that everyone has the same point of view/ background we do. I can only imagine ALL of the different challenges you face over there.

    I will continue to pray that God blesses you and opens your eyes and your heart to the reality and perspective that your friends/ co-workers are coming from. I think this will help you tremendously in your work.
    take care!
    Gina (& Dan & Emery & Isaac & Bella)

  6. K…Great lesson for us all. Thanks

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