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This isn’t about golf, sorry… I’d like to draw your attention to something that I really like about the blog format and that is the “links” section down the right side of the webpage. You won’t get these if you read the posts from your email, but if you have some extra time to read about China (and other stuff), skip over to the blogsite. I’ve posted some articles you might find interesting. I try to do extra reading to keep up to date with history and current events here, and will pass along some of the things I find interesting to you.

For example, a friend of mine recently shared this article and so I think you might enjoy it as well: “Smoke or be fined”, about one county’s solution to helping the local economy.

And because I can’t stop talking about running, click HERE (and scroll a bit) to view a few pics from the Dalian marathon. This is one with me in it!



3 thoughts on “The Links

  1. I read the link on “Smoke or be fined” and it sounds like something from TheOnion.com. The statistic on smoking deaths is staggering as one out of every 350 Chinese smokers dies each year. I think that the US death percent is smaller but at such a huge financial and time cost to provide their medical care. Not funny but I keep having this mental picture of those government employees trying to sneak out back for a mandated smoke but really trying to throw away as many as they can and hoping they don’t get caught not smoking!

  2. Actually, Tom, the not-so-funny thing about it is that government employees, or doctors, or anyone for that matter do not have to “sneak” anywhere to take a smoke. They just do it in the office, hospital hallway, or anyplace they feel like smoking! So this “smoke or be fined” is not such a stretch here.

    • I guess this story made the Tonight Show. Jay Leno had some comments on it. I understand that they can smoke in the office. We could here up to about 15 years ago. I actually was picturing one of them who does not want to smoke sneaking off to NOT smoke and getting caught NOT smoking by an angry supervisor. Sort of a role reversal of what we would encounter here.

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