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Firecracker! May 09


A New Work?!

A couple of weeks ago, a team from LIGHT traveled to out of town to visit a home with about 25 or so children living there. A local couple (followers) has “adopted” each of these kids and are the main parents, with the help of several nannies. Some of the children were abandoned as orphans as children, while others come from difficult home situations.Their ages range from toddlers to mid-adolescence, with most of the children about 8-15 years old.

having a bit of fun at workOur team went primarily as a medical outreach to give these children a regular checkup, address current problems, and identify any serious or chronic  issues. The afternoon went great as the residents saw the kids and took turns “checking out” with me or the other attending physician. I had a lot of fun teaching – some of the new residents are learning how to examine an infant for the first time.

Medically, the kids are basically stable (except for the one with extrapulmonary TB) and we have established a schedule for routine health supervision. However, it became clear to us is that extra attention needs to be paid to their mental and emotional development as they transition to adolescence, and from adolescence to adulthood. The family structure just doesn’t provide enough support for these teens and pre-teens. Fortunately, we have just the man for the job! A local colleague in LIGHT has a heart for reaching out to adolescents and is excited to take on this project. It is great to be able to plug people with their giftings and interests to meet specific needs.

This will be a new kind of project both for our group and I’m very keen to see how it will unfold. Fortunately, there are more and more solid materials being developed in Chinese for this purpose. Please be upthinking with us in these initial preparation stages.

Global Health Promise

Global Health Promise is still very much on on the job as we continue to pursue projects! We are still writing grants and seeking funding for a shelter  project in Nepal and a maternal child health study in Yunnan, China. The economy has really hit the non-profit world. Unfortunately, food security (rather, lack of it) is also a problem for vulnerable women and children in these hard times causing them to seek alternative sources of revenue.

Since landing in Shenyang I’ve been upthinking, networking, and seeking out who is doing work either with these women, or working with other similarly marginalized groups. As far as I know, no one else has such an outreach. I’m seeking a team of people to join me in this work – peope who feel truly called to enter this kind of darkness. I have some interest, but no committed team members YET.

This city has a different atmosphere regarding the area of prostitution – it is more hidden and more controlled – I’m told the network is quite tight. But I know that it is not unbreakable. Every day, I know that there are women and girls (and possibly boys), crying out for someone who cares. There is, of course our Father and his Son who care, but we are the ones to be the physical carers. Please join me on your knees to help start the movement against this terror in this city. I need team members, I need to know where in this city to start, and then I need to have a breakthrough to reach the women and children.


5 thoughts on “Firecracker! May 09

  1. Good to hear from you…looks like you are keeping very busy helping in both areas you have a heart for, women and children. Glad things are going well for you there. Thanks for the regular updates. Love, Dini

  2. Will definitely be upthinking for you on this one. Take care.

  3. We definitely will be lifting you up to our Father. There seems to be so many opportunities for you there in China to show the Light and with His help, it will be done.

    Rob brought the message at Wallen a week ago yesterday. What a blessing he has been to us and to so many others. He talked on the Kings. He talked about the Father wanted them to be pure in their lives. We should all strive to be pure like the Son was pure. It takes discipline and it will cost us all something in our lives. It will mean giving up things that we desire and coming out of our comfort zone. His message was big challenge to us all.

    Bob is still without a job, but the Father is providing and taking care of us, as He always has. Our love and Upthoughts are with you. Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen

  4. Katherine,

    It’s great to hear how things are going and what you’re up to. I was thinking of you as I was running this morning. Realizing I need to embrace the warmth and beauty that surrounds me as I run here, for I don’t think we’ll forever be located in such a place. Your blog reminds me of that. Thankyou for the work that you’re doing. I love to hear about the orphans and this family that has taken 25 in, wow, what a gift.

    Love to you, you’re in our thoughts,

  5. Great hearing the updates. Am keeping you in my thoughts. It’s always such an encouragment to hear how people are serving and using their gifts somewhere that seems so far away. It’s a comfort to know we’re part of such a big family!

    Love you,


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