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Marathon Time!


Some updates on my running in Shenyang since I first blogged about it. I’ve had a couple months to get to know the city, and running is a big part of that. I scour the city map and look for green patches and figure out how to run there. I’ve found a street that runs along a canal that runs through part of the city and has park areas around it. It’s not exactly a greenway, but it is pleasant enough and with few enough cross streets to make a decent place for tempo runs from my house. I can get there in 1.5 miles of city blocks, so I’m warmed up by the time I hit the green spot. My speed workouts are done on a middle school track less than a mile from my house. 🙂 Unfortunately, it is only about 250m around. 😦 On the weekends, when I run longer distances, I run 4 miles down to the Hun He (“muddy river”) riverside, which is a true greenway. At least I’m hopeful it will start turning more green by the end of the month.

In the dead of cold winter I needed a race to motivate my running, so I signed up for the The Dalian Marathon on 26  April. Dalian is a port city in Liaoning and I hear it is beautiful! My goal is to make this a “just for fun” motivational race, but I’ve never trained so hard in the cold weather! I’m not looking for a PR but just another chance to practice the distance, as well as a good excuse to see another place in China.  Please think of me and cheer me on!

My theories of  head cover vs. Shenyang people being less vocally curious people are confirmed. Since it got warm enough not to wear a big hat and ninja mask, I’m getting more unfortunate attention, from hellos to… well, worse than hello. OK, I’ll tell you. I’ve been mooned a couple times.

The cold temperatures weren’t as huge a hurdle as I thought – having a marathon coming up helps! It also doesn’t snow or ice nearly as much as I thought it would. Still, the water and gatorade freezing in the bottle is a pain. It is also light before 5am so I can see more on my runs. I’m still debating about whether or not that is a good thing.

Lastly, but most importantly, you should know how much your comments on this blog mean to me. They are like aid stations along a marathon route. They give enough to sustain me until the next aid station. Keep them coming!

“jiao yo! jiao yo!” (Chinese cheer that means “go for it!”)


11 thoughts on “Marathon Time!

  1. I choked on my apple cake at the thought of you being mooned! HA! I’m laughing so hard it hurts! Oh I miss you friend! So funny!

  2. Katherine, well, here is a little “oxygen” to you through your blog, which I so much enjoy! It is so good to hear from you and wonderful that you are so consistent to keep running, finding little greenways, and are preparing for a marathon later this month. You go, girl! So you were “mooned”? I could never imagine that happening in China! How do you explain that behavior?

    Missing you and praying for you often!

  3. You’ve been mooned? Funny, that is not something I picture the Chinese people doing! It caused me to laugh…thanks for that. Life is finally getting green here, but still cold. Actually 37 and raining today. Take care and thanks for the update!

  4. Go Katherine!
    Of course, you’re out running in the cold, why wouldn’t you be?! The surprising part of this story is the mooning… that seems pretty out of the ordinary for China. The ninja mask must be pretty exciting!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy your runs!
    Elizabeth (your China sista’!)

  5. Thanks for the update on the marathon. Just what I was wondering about today! I assume the mooning was not from the moon cakes everyone loves. I did not see your post about Lent, but will skip right to Easter. Here are a couple of lines from PB XVI’s Urbi et Orbi: Christ is looking for men and women who will help him to affirm his victory using his own weapons: the weapons of justice and truth, mercy, forgiveness and love. Resurrectio Domini, spes nostra! The resurrection of Christ is our hope! This the Church proclaims today with joy. She announces the hope that is now firm and invincible because God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. She communicates the hope that she carries in her heart and wishes to share with all people in every place, especially where Christians suffer persecution because of their faith and their commitment to justice and peace. She invokes the hope that can call forth the courage to do good, even when it costs, especially when it costs.
    If you are interested, the link to the full message is: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/messages/urbi/documents/hf_ben-xvi_mes_20090412_urbi-easter_en.html
    Regarding the reference to “where Christians suffer persecution because of their faith,” there is also a letter to the Church in China at: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/letters/2007/documents/hf_ben-xvi_let_20070527_china_en.html

  6. Katherine,
    “jiao yo! jiao yo!”
    I can’t say that I have ever been mooned while running!! :o)

    I will be cheering/praying you on as you run on the 26th. Can’t wait to hear how you do.

    Keep up the exercising and you will continue to have a great impact on your community. You never know where these runs will lead re: relationships and such.



  7. Hi Kathy,
    I can’t imagine running in such cold weather, but, I am sure, that you feel good when it is all over. We are doing good. All the kids were here for Easter. We had a wonderful church service and, then, the kids hunted for eggs. I think that we had over 100 eggs. I am sure that there are still some out in the yard that they didn’t find. Bob has a phone interview today for a job. Pray for him. It is out of California, but he would be working out of his home. It has been raining here for two days and cold. We continue to pray for you. As we get older, we look back and see just how faithful God has been, even when we weren’t aware of it. He is a great God. Hugs, Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen

  8. Katherine,
    I am so proud of you for taking the plunge and signing up for another marathon! Have fun with it. Good job to you for all of the training you have done!

    PR Training will be cheering you on, on April 26th!


  9. You got mooned? What a HOOT!!!

    Maybe they just stepped out of the shower and were trying to dry their bottoms from the breeze you created as you flew by? Ha! ; )

    As always, I enjoy reading your posts from the Far East! Hope you do well in your upcoming race.

  10. Have fun at the marathon. No pressure. I will be thinking of you.

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