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mundane truth

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I was on my morning bus commute this morning listening to Rankin Wilbourne (keep it coming, brother!) of Pacific Crossroads Ch speak on meditation (Truth on Fire, 8 Feb) when the crowed thinned and I noticed a woman reading her B! She wasn’t just reading it, but I watched her mouthing the words and stopping at times to ponder it. I was being encouraged to “eat this book” and here was a woman doing just that. It is not illegal to be reading the word in public, but I think it would be hard to read it on a crowded morning bus. Talk about being encouraged! I went up to her and we talked for a short while. Unfortunately, I had to get off at the next stop so there wasn’t much time.

The last post got a lot of comments about how NOT mundane it was. I subsequently left another comment that I had to agree. Our schedule may be mundane – that is, the life of the every day – that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.  One of the things that I’m working through lately is to remain pure in the mundane, to remain truly present, and to continue to look beyond the mundane. So much here seems backwards and strange and frustrating. Then there is the every day work of commuting, cooking, shopping and whatever. All the time I have opportunities to be fully present to God, to others, and to myself. Even doctors with a patient in front of her can shut down to that person. If I’m not fully present in the mundane, then how will I be able to work it out when it really counts? Who am I to say what counts and what doesn’t? The mundane truth is that there is truth in the mundane.

“It is in C that we find out who we are and what we are living for.” (Eph 1:11 MSG)


One thought on “mundane truth

  1. Hi Katherine!
    How are you? Thailand seems like ages ago. I thought it was time to check out your site. How funny you were listening to Rankin Wilbourne. He’s a friend- he married one of my really good friends Morgen- who was out here in Sierra Leone with me for a while. It’s a small world! Hope you’re well.

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