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Firecracker! March 09


I’m back and blogging!

In February, I went to Thailand to attend the CMDA-CME conference. It is designed to give physicians and nurses (particularly from N. Am.) help in meeting continuing medical education needs for maintenance of licensure and it occurs every year, alternating between Asia and Africa. Although the content is world class, it is SO MUCH MORE than a medical meeting. It is more like a family reunion that happens every two years with like-minded health professionals doing similar work all over Asia. All of my China legal documents came in time for me to attend this conference and I’m so grateful!

DeJi Hospital entranceMany of you are asking about my day-to-day schedule, and it is starting to take shape. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I have clinic at the Global Doctor International clinic, where I see anyone who is interested in seeing a western-trained physician. Most of the patients are foreigners, but there are also quite a few Chinese patients as well. I also cover some afternoon clinics if the other attendings are out at one of the other clinical outreaches. The afternoon half days are spent on various charitable outreaches. On Monday (but sometimes Tuesday) we visit one of four orphanages. Other afternoons include visits to nursing homes, countryside clinics, and a Shenyang city charitable clinic. I usually go to the orphanage, but the other places are split between the other attendings depending on our schedules and needs. Friday afternoon is our didactic teaching time where attendings lead (mostly in English) lectures and workshops on medicine to the residents. I staff the clinic when not giving lectures. Tuesday mornings I reserve for work with Global Health Promise and related activities. I will also resume studying with a Chinese tutor several hours a week to continue a focused, intentional time of study to get this language down.

Time outside of  clinics or outreaches is spent in lecture preparation, other pediatric consults, foster home visits, and whatever the day brings! Saturday may also involve some outreaches, but are spent catching up the work from the week, studying, as well as shopping at the market, cooking and cleaning. Sunday is for resting!

I still get up early to run 6 days a week. The evenings are also pretty free to do whatever, usually I take some time to review new Chinese words I learned that day, and catch up on emails and blogs. This is also my time for heart preparation and reflection.

As all of you know, the schedule presented here is a guideline for the day, but the real substance of the day lies within me and the people with whom I interact. The mundane is the real trial of character. The Chinese tend to hold a pretty stoic face in public, but I can usually get someone to smile – especially when I catch them staring at me and I smile back. I remind myself that despite the seemingly rock-faced facade and collective behavior of this culture, each individual desperately wants to be known for who he or she is created to be.

My neighbor matters to me, but so often I just want to shut down and go on automatic – as if I don’t matter to my neighbor. To be honest, it sometimes doesn’t seem like people matter, like when I almost get run over by a bus. It is infuriating every time, and my sense of justice gets all riled up, but I have learned to say, “that’s life in the big city!” The challenge is to go on and keep giving love to the bus drivers, who need it as much as I do.

Now, after this rather mundane blog post, perhaps you’ll still love me and read my next one!


11 thoughts on “Firecracker! March 09

  1. The picture is of the entrance of DeJi Hospital, where the Global Doctor clinic is located and it a center for our resident training.

  2. Hello Katherine,

    I did not find your newsletter mundane at all. Thank you for sharing your schedule and your heart with all of us. Your loving investments are not unnoticed. They open doors that you don’t always see. You are in my thoughts often.

  3. Sounds like you are doing well and getting into the swing of your new schedule. Compared to MY schedule, yours is far from mundane! Making a positive difference in the lives of those around you should be the goal of ALL of us…I’m sure you are doing that!

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I did not find your letter mundane. I found it very interesting. I wish that I could be as disciplined as you are. I know that I would get much more done. To me, everything that you do sounds so exciting.

    We are doing fine. I have just 5 treatments to go. Everything seems to be going according to plan.

    I see where you have another niece? It is hard to believe that Jacob is old enough to be a father.

    I love reading your blogs. We will continue to lift you up . You are a very special niece. Love and Hugs, Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen

  5. SS Katherine~
    Love to hear what you are doing and what your life “looks like.” I’m so grateful that things are falling into sync for you!

    much love–SS Robin

  6. Hello Katherine,

    We always look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Our Father brings you to mind often. You expand our world and our prayers.

    We so appreciate how you are investing your life and hearing about how God is challenging you in your daily walk. It’s neat how we encourage each other to press on in the work and life to which God has called us to experience and invest ourselves.

    I so agree that the heart preparation and reflection time we invest in are so vital to whatever God is calling us to do–first He wants us to be in His presence seeking Him.

    We praise God for the blessing you are to others Katherine, and for the way you desire to reflect the love of Jesus to all the people and situations God brings into your life.

    with love and prayers,
    Karen and Bruce

  7. Katherine,
    Thank you for your always refreshing and honest sharing about your life! I absolutely love hearing what you are thinking and experiencing in another culture. You remind me to try and do it in my own culture. Love, Carole Brace

  8. Hi Katherine,

    I agree with the comment above, your newsletter did not sound mundane at all. You sound very busy! Thanks for all the updates…Hope the weather there is beginning to thaw a little, it’s happening here, slowly but surely!


  9. OK OK! Yes, I get it – NOT mundane. One of the things that I’m living out these days is keeping the faith and living out holiness in the mundane of everyday life. I want to downplay it, but it is impossible – it takes up so much of our time. If I’m not fully present in the mundane, then I certainly won’t be able to work it out in the few times it counts in a day. Who am I to say what counts and what doesn’t anyway?

  10. K…You’ve absolutely got it right! Many of us spend our lives accumulating “stuff” which is temporal. But the RELATIONSHIPS we accumulate will live on forever!

    Thanks for being such a great example…


  11. Great site this justawalk.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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