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Lantern Festival

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This past Saturday I and some friends went to one of the largest lantern festival celebrations in China – at least that is what Shenyang says! Anyway it was fantastic! I’ve posted some photos on Flickr – just click on the photo link to the left on the webpage, or see my recent post on facebook.

reclining buddha snow sculptureAs with any less-than-amateur photographer, it is truly difficult to provide the perspective necessary for you to appreciate how enormous or spectacular the snow and ice sculptures and lanterns are. Jackey (in the photos) is one of the residents in the training program.

The Lantern Festival celebrates the first full moon of the Chinese NewYear and is on the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is a time for family to gather and share a meal and eat tangyuan, small sugared candy made with glutinous rice flour and filled with things like sesame seeds, peanuts, and red bean paste, among other things.

This past week was my first week officially at work, but the country was still waking up from the week-long holiday so it wasn’t all that busy. More on what my schedule entails in a future post, when I start settling down in a routine.

This coming week I’ll be traveling to Thailand for medical conference. Not only do I get a lot of practical credit towards my license, but it is a sort of family reunion that occurs every two years! I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks so don’t expect much blogging until the end of February.

Happy Chinese New Year!


One thought on “Lantern Festival

  1. Cool pictures of the lantern festival! Glad you arrived safely and that your trip to Thailand worked out for you. I hear you have a birthday coming up….Happy Birthday! I’m sorry I didn’t see you before you left, but understand you have a LOT to do to get ready! Sounds like things are working out there…I get reports from Lynn and your Mom. Love, Dini

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