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To market, to market


Last week was Chinese New Year  – the official day was 26 Jan and it is now the year of the ox! Not much was going on last week, at least for me. A lot of people from the city went home to the countryside or other places, and many people from the countryside were in the city. Basically a lot of people in places where they are normally not. Many small stores and markets were closed, although the big commercial businesses were open for shoppers.  I spent the week settling into my apartment and exploring my neighborhood.

I found a big market to buy all kinds of food – which is good because all my favorite restaurants were closed last week! Markets here are so interesting! Not only in what is being sold, but also in how they sell it. I found some kind of seafood in a sort of jelly mold, cabbage by the truckload, and bags and bags of grains and legumes. Popcorn comes in plain, sugared, and chocolate flavor – I’m told the latter is a Shenyang specialty!

On my flickr account (you can see on the right side of my blogpage, to which I post my photos which are also visible from Facebook, I started a “Shenyang Mobile” tag. These are photos I take with my mobile phone as I’m out and about through the city. You can see a little of what I’m seeing by searching this tag I recently posted some pics from the recent snowfall.  Photos from the market are now posted on flickr.


4 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. Those are great photos of the foods sold at the Shenyang marketplace. I did not see any dogs. Were they sold out?

  2. Very interesting, Katherine . . . not sure I could get some of the food down…..
    Ron (Kerr)

  3. The fish heads Katherine…they are all looking at you. Had you just prompted them with “cheese”?

  4. Katherine, I really enjoyed looking at your photos! The valley pics were awesome… I love the mountains!

    You’re a rock climber, too? Just wondering, where do you keep your cape (Super Woman)? Ha!!! ; )

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