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Recently I took some time to read some latest news on China and came across this article on Hu Jia the Chinese freedom activist unfairly sentenced to jail for speaking out for human rights in China. I recently wrote a post and posted an article that mentioned him – see “China’s Milk Scandal…” and other injustices taking place in China lately. Hu Jia, who was in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, has recently been awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Europe’s most prestigous award in human rights. Please go to this NY Times article for more about the award. This YouTube video is a short documentary taken by Hu Jia himself. It seems that is was controversial for Europe to give this prize and was taken as a sort of slap in the Chinese face. I’m so glad that some Europe still recognize justice, honor, courage, freedom, and peace.

I am convicted by his courage and peaceful dissidence in the face of such anger and injustice. How can I do more and be more to stand and act with grace and love against, the forces of evil in this world? It is too easy to hide from it, and to keep it hidden. But our Light shines brighter when it is darkest. May I continue to follow Jesus into the darkness with his same love.


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  1. Katherine,
    You are a great role model for humankind. Keep up your noble endeavors.

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