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Leo Tolstoy wrote: “It is almost as though a man who wanted to see to the bottom of some muddy water in order to lay his hands on a precious pearl, but who wanted not to have to enter the water, were to stir up the water on purpose as soon as it began to settle and clear. Often a man stupefies himself all through his life, staying with the same obscure, self-contradictory view of the world to which he is accustomed, pushing at every moment of dawning clarity against the same wall as he did ten or twenty years before, unable to break thrugh the wall because he has consciously blunted the blade of thought which alone could penetrate it.”

There are many more conversations taking place in our subconscious than we are aware of. I’m now noticing those conversations, and I’m becoming more aware of conflicting intentions toward my goals, or my vision of who I want to be. I’m becoming more aware of my presence and attitude I bring to people or events. I will change/transform not because I read the right books or do the right things or even because I want to change. I’m transforming in the choices I make all the time, before every person, and in the attitude with which I show up in life.

Actually, I would submit to Tolstoy that the man refered to also subconciously blunts the blade of thought. The Discovery Seminar by the Association for Christian Character Development (ACCD) I recently attended will help reveal the ways in which we muddy the waters to maintain our “same obscure, self-contradictory views of the world” so that we can change, transform, and grow. We CAN change, and we can be the person we want to be, the person we are created to be.

I can’t say enough about this experience. Just sign up and see for yourselves!


One thought on “Discovery

  1. Ah, thank you again for a sharing that inspires! I was thinking of you all on Sunday and for a moment we were all there, in the Sapp’s living room, trying to stay warm with good coffee and cozy socks, sharing as Alianna was climbing all around… May this day be truly beautiful for you!

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