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China’s Milk Scandal, and then some

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It is so painful to watch the Chinese people suffer through yet another huge food scandal. It is also painful to know that the information about the tainted milk was withheld during the “People’s” Olympics to avoid a loss of face and a tainting of China’s image during their golden moment. Golden for who, exactly?

No doubt you have heard about the tainted milk scandal in China, where the poisonous additive, melamine was added to milk. Melamine artificially raises the level of protein in milk that is watered down. Now, the courts are refusing to hear the cases and give fair trial to the families whose children have died or badly suffered, as outlined in this NY Times article.

This obstruction of justice is not an isolated incidence. For all the talk about China’s developing capitalist market, the country is far from being a free and fair society. Sure there were official areas in Beijing set apart for protests. The catch was the protesters had to obtain prior approval to protest. Interesting that protesters were granted permission to protest. Not even the several 70 year old Chinese women who wanted to protest their homes taken from them to make room for new Olympic venues.

One of the most egregious and tragic stories happening now in China is that of Hu Jia, a Chinese dissident standing in the gap for the rights of people infected with HIV, and free government for all. Please read or listen to Scott Simon’s essay about him, and what he is suffering for, from the perspective of an American on the verge of a major election.


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