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Firecracker! September 08

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This month, the six-month mark of my Stateside time came and went. It is hard to believe I’ve been here half a year already!Time is flying and I am having fun. Working hard, but having fun all the same.

When I learned that the Morning Sun hospital folded, I was deflated and disappointed. What about the kids? What about the opportunities? What was God thinking? What was I going to do next? Was I even going back to China? There were even thoughts that perhaps I didn’t have a calling to go back and that I wouldn’t have to go back to China. Maybe I could go back to Thailand or another country. But I do not believe that my time in China is over, and as I’ve passed the six-month mark, I’m starting to feel the itch to get back.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of meaningful work filling my life here in the States and I’ve been busier than anticipated. This helps buffer the fact that my plans to be on my way back to China by the end of September haven’t been realized. The work addressing the health consequences of prostitution and human trafficking has expanded and it is exciting to be involved on levels from the brothel to the international scene. I’ll be discussing this work in future posts.

At the moment, I still don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing in China, but God has got that covered and I’ll know what I’m doing and be on my way in good time. Whatever I am doing, wherever I am, I’ll be serving God at the intersection of health and injustice. I’ll keep you posted as developments come up.

I’ve learned a few things over the last few months. I’ve learned to let go and play again. Three year old nephews are good for that. I’ve also learned how to adjust keeping my sanity on my insane travel schedule. Flexibility, giving up, living in the tension of not knowing my immediate (or long term) future is something that I have learned to live with and even thrive in. These are lessons for all of us to recognize and grasp as a very real part of our realities, even if most of us do not have to tangibly deal with these in our everyday lives. As a friend has taught me to say, “we hold these things lightly”.

With this travel schedule, I’ve hardly had a chance to settle down and be comfortable in the States. As for being Stateside a little longer, I’ll live. Besides, having a little more time to snuggle with my nieces and nephews will be sweet.


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