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On the webpage of my blog you’ll find, listed on the right-hand side a list of links to articles about anything I find interesting, but most have a theme of China, or health, or whatever. This is a perk for those who actually find their way to my blog page.

I’ve just posted two that contrast each other, but actually also have a lot in common. The first is about suburbia in China – a photo essay by Time Magazine. The second is about maternal mortality in Africa.

China is rising and is getting rich, and even some of the poor are moving out of poverty, but don’t think that the kind of thing happening to mothers in Africa isn’t happening in China as well. I know – I’ve seen it. And don’t think that development isn’t happening in Africa. Actually, China is developing many parts of Africa in addition to it’s homeland. A friend in Kinshasa says that the Chinese are everywhere.

What is not mentioned in the article is the millions of poor mothers who have the choice of either feeding their families by prostitution or starve their kids. That is their reality and that is not really a choice. My colleague Brian just got back from Ethiopia where he was working specifically with prostituted mothers – the fortunate ones were the ones still alive to talk with him. Prostitution puts the mother at risk for getting pregenant more often, and their inherent poor health puts them at risk for developing a more problematic pregnancy and delivery. Finally, their stigma and discrimination as a prostituted woman often prevents them from getting the health care that they need.


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