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Runners on Parade

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When my sister told me last Thursday that there was a 5k race before the Three Rivers Festival parade in Ft. Wayne, IN on Sat morning (July 12) and that Brian Sell was going to be running in it and signing autographs, I just had to go. I called some running buddies with PR Training and we met up before and after the race. This was gonna be FUN!

About 1500 runners lined up for the start. The course had about a million turns (or so it seemed) and it was pouring rain when the gun signaled the start. It was going to be wet and wild. I had no pressure – just for FUN, right? After all, I had just run a marathon the previous weekend and I hadn’t run a 5k race since July 4 2005. There were no expectations on me from anyone, but especially myself. I felt pretty loose as the soreness had disappeared by Wednesday. Besides, 5km (3.1 miles) is so short, I can gut it out and even if it is painful, it wouldn’t last that long!

The race was a lot less painful than I anticipated, and although I ran competitively, I felt like I had too much left at the end. Especially when another woman whizzed by me with 50m left to go – she had all the momentum and there was nothing I could have done to catch her. Turns out she was in my age group and beat me for first place by FIVE SECONDS! But how could I be disappointed? It was “just for fun” and I was elated and relieved to be able to run a good race, even if it wasn’t my best, and still have fun – NO EXCUSES!

After the awards were given out, I got to have a photo with Brian Sell (t right). Brian will be competing in the marathon at the Beijing Olympics next month. Lets cheer him on! All the best and Godspeed to you Brian!

Thanks for walkin’, or even runnin’ with me!

Katherine with Brian Sell

One thought on “Runners on Parade

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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