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Medical Conferences

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Part of the bonus about being in the States this summer is the opportunity to participate in some cool continuing medical education (CME) courses. I’ve just completed a couple courses that I HIGHLY recommend to those who have ever been interested in something like what I’ve done.

The first was the Advanced Wilderness Life Support Course in Moab, UT May 28-31. Half of the program was in the desert with practicals and clinics on climbing, hiking, rafting and hiking. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

The second was the Management of Humanitarian Emergencies, Focus on Children and Families at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 16-20 June. The lectures were great, but were also interactive. Several times a day, we split into small groups for problem-solving excercises related to various problems often encounterd in this setting. It was great to network with so many people with various international experiences.


One thought on “Medical Conferences

  1. Katherine,
    Thanks for sharing last night at Sonrise, I posted a few thoughts on my blog, you can read it at http://www.shericarlstrom.typepad.com
    May God bless you and keep you as you work within His will. I was inspired by you, your work, your faith, your obedience.
    Rest – intentionally. God took a whole day for resting and even made it Holy. May your contacts be of God while you are “home”.
    Sheri Carlstrom

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